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RMA is an association of leaders in financial risk management, and the professional firms that serve the financial industry. Our purpose is to help highly successful professionals make better management decisions. By sharing the latest techniques through our chapter meetings, conferences, and seminars we provide unique opportunities for you to hear the industry’s best risk managers. Our publications and information services keep financial professionals up-to-date on important issues.


For those financial institutions, private and governmental, active in lending, in the professional identification and management of credit and related risks, in other aspects of risk management, and in providing related financial services. Also, for regulatory and supervisory authorities at state or national level, governmental entities without material lending activity, including Small Business Administration, economic development authorities, small business development centers, and others. Other organizations, private and governmental, that are not financial institutions but whose primary functions and activities in credit and risk identification and management closely parallel those of financial institutions.

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For Individuals from a Member Institution

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FREE student membership with RMA provides the resources you need to differentiate yourself, and position yourself, as a strong candidate to potential employers in the financial services industry.

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For Individuals from Professional Service Firms and Nonbank Entities

Professional Representatives shall be those persons who meet all professional requirements set by the Board for such membership, who are employed by organizations and entities not eligible to be Institutional Members, but who are regularly involved in identifying and managing credit, operational and market risk for their own organizations or directly assisting financial institutions in carrying out their risk-related mission. (Examples include accountants, attorneys, insurance professionals, credit/risk department professionals and similar consultants.) Professional Representatives may participate in RMA activities appropriate to their interest and expertise.

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